Los Cabos

Eating at Los Cabos is more of an adventure. It sure doesn’t feel like it was one block off the 16th Street Mall. I expected to look out the windows and see the clatter of Peru. Warm temperatures, colorful scenery and maybe even a glimpse of the ocean. The décor gets right down to the culture with authentic art and even a life size stuffed animal llama waiting for you to come and say “hola.” The owners of the restaurant don’t have to pretend or assume. They are from Peru and have more than a passion for the country.

Our waitress, Angie, also from Peru, made the experience wonderful by sharing memories and experiences from her country. And the accent is addicting. When she suggested ordering  “suspiro de limena” for desert, the accent leads! I asked her to say it again and of course had to order some! The desert is named after Lima, Peru and is similar to a Dulce De Leche, and topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon. The main ingredients are condensed and evaporated milk, but boy oh boy does it taste magnificent! Clearly, the ingredients are kept simple but never lack taste.

Entrees focus on seafood with dishes like ceviche but there are plenty of options for chicken, vegetarian and beef as well. Peruvian food is an eclectic mix different parts of the world. Especially Europe, Africa, and Asia. But something Peru can completely claim is the Pisco Sour.  It tastes like a margarita; even looks like a margarita but the ingredients are nothing alike. Pisco is a grape brandy and mixes with whipped egg whites and topped with some lemon or lime juice. The egg whites may throw you for a loop, but the loop is a ride worth taking and so is a trip to Los Cabos

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